The first extended weekend was this weekend and a lot of people decided to go somewhere in Europe. A couple of us decided to stay here and explore Edinburgh which is what I did.

On Friday (the 13th), a couple of us decided to go on a ghost tour. It was okay, not spectacular, but pretty interesting. The lady took us around the city and into a graveyard. She told us there were over 200,000 people buried in the graveyard and they were buried on top of each other because they needed the room. She then took us to the underground tunnels in Edinburgh. The tunnels use to be roads, until they decided to put a bridge up over it and decided to build over the streets. The tunnels where then used for different kinds of things, like illegal pubs and torturing witches in the witch trials. Didn’t have any ghostly experiences, but it was creepy down there!

Saturday we were going to go hiking, but it was foggy so we decided to go to the museum instead. The museum was putting on this gaming exhibit so we got to play some. We spent a couple of hours there and then came back to eat.


Sunday we hiked Arthur’s Seat and the hill next to Arthur’s Seat. It took us around 3 and a half hours. The views were amazing, the stairs/paths not so much… There were a lot of stairs and it was a little slippery coming back down. It was worth it though!

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That’s all that has really happened this week, its been pretty quiet. The only other thing happened on Tuesday where I got to meet people from the Dalkeith Historical Society and talk to them about the history of Dalkeith. I’m hopefully going to go back there and volunteer, maybe help catalog artifacts.

I believe that’s it!