So my three day school week went by fast! I had clan duty this week, so I got to help with dinner for the school week, or I was suppose to. I had class on Wednesday, so I couldn’t work and on Thursday it got cancelled because a lot of people were going to be gone for a play, so they decided to give us a take away dinner. So I only had to help with cooking for a day. Clan duty, by the way, is basically an assigned group that helps out in the kitchen. It’s pretty easy, we basically serve and clean up. On Thursday, since I didn’t have clan duty, I decided to go to a play called “One Man, Two Guvnors” and it was hilarious! They called on people in the audience and I couldn’t stop laughing at what was happening! I’m very glad that I went!

On Friday, I went to Glasgow on a mandatory trip. It’s about an hour away from Dalkeith and we were able to ride a coach bus there and back. Glasgow use to be a very industrial city. Now it’s run down. It use to have tons of shipyards, but now it only has two. One of them builds ships for the Royal Navy. We went to a couple of museums and Celtic Field where the Celtics play. We then had time to walk around. The museums were cool. The first one was the Transportation Museum which housed planes, trains, automobiles and boats. They also had a ship outside on the water that you could go on and walk around. That was pretty cool and a couple of people took advantage of the ship and had a Titanic picture taken (the one with them at the front of the ship with there arms spread out). The other museum, the Kalvingrove museum was more of an art museum, although it did have animals and historical objects there. The other place we went was the Celtic Stadium where we got to tour the changing room and trophy room. We were then able to walk through the tunnel onto the stadium and sit in the dugout for the players. After all those places had free time so we went shopping. A lot of the stores in Glasgow were more expensive stores, so it was mostly a lot of window shopping. Some people went out to eat as well.


The Transportation Museum


The ship outside of the museum


The Kalvingrove museum


Celtic Stadium


Walking around in Glasgow

On Saturday, we went on a walk up Calton Hill and were going to walk to another part of Edinburgh called Leith. Leith use to be a separate town, but it decided to join Edinburgh. Before it joined, there was a pub on the town lines that had two doors. One door on Leith’s side and the other on Edinburgh’s side. Edinburgh’s door had to close at 10pm because of a law that said that pubs had to close at that time. So people would just walk to the other door on Leith’s side because that side didn’t close at 10. This was a long time, by the way. Now there isn’t a law like that. Anyway, a couple of us decided to not go to Leith because we were too cold and going closer to the water wasn’t going to help. So we went back into Edinburgh, where we got ice cream (never to cold for ice cream!) and then headed back into Dalkeith. In Dalkeith we went to a little market and bought some food, then headed back to the Palace.


The view from Calton Hill


One of the monuments on Calton hill. We were able to climb it. It was difficult, but we managed.

Sunday was a relaxing day for a couple of us. The rest went to the Celtic game, where it was cold and down pouring. I went into Edinburgh, where it also rained, but I got back before it down poured. In Edinburgh, I walked around Edinburgh University even though it wasn’t open. I also walked around a park nearby and then got some lunch at a place called Elephants and Bagels. I then decided to go back, and I’m glad I did because it started to really rain at that point. For dinner, one of my roommates and I decided to try out Indian food since it is a big deal here. It was pretty good.


One of the courts at Edinburgh University

Things I have noticed:

1. When you go shopping, you will have to pay for a bag unless you either are going to carry your purchases or brought a bag with you.

2. When you check out, the cashier won’t start to check out the person behind you until you are done packing up your things and they don’t expect you to rush.

3. Pandora music station doesn’t work here. Spotify does and you get UK commercials. Right now I’m listening to a country playlist that had a commercial for joining the Royal Navy.

4. BBC radio stations play a lot more upbeat songs than the U.S. Not a lot of slow songs get played which is fine by me.

That is all!