Sorry for the late update, the internet wasn’t working, still is pretty slow. Lots of people trying to upload pictures at the same time. Made it a wee bit slow!

It’s snowing here in Dalkeith, by the way. Came here to hopefully escape the snowy weather…thankfully it isn’t sticking!

So this weekend, I was on the Isle of Skye and it was beautiful! We left on Friday from Dalkeith and drove up the east part of Scotland with the Macbackpackers tour. Great tour and the tour guide played music from artists that were originally from Scotland (that’s why the title is I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) because of the fact that the artists are from Scotland and we belted out the song when it was played). We saw some standing stones, Culloden (a famous battle ground), Inverness, Lock Ness (no Nessie), snow covered mountains and Eilean Donan (a famous castle before Skye). We then arrived at our hostel in Kylaken before dinner. It’s a small town, right when you cross the bridge onto Skye. They had two pubs there and both are very good! It was a long ride on the bus, but well worth it.


Burial ground and standing stones


More standing stones. They are older than the pyramids


Inside the burial ground


Culloden, the famous battle ground and what it is called in Gaelic. Here the Scots were outnumbered and slaughtered by the English.


On the battle ground


Eilean Donan Castle right before we crossed the bridge to get to Skye.

On Saturday, we had the breakfast provided to us at the hostel and then went back onto the bus to travel through Skye. Sadly it was raining, but we did have a few minutes of clear skies. We were able to see some coo (Highland cows) and tons of sheep. We made stops at a river where the faeries magic would protect you from aging, a lovely little town called Portee where they had a bakery that was very yummy, a couple of waterfalls, Cuith-Raing, the Faerie palace and finally back into town.

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Highland Coo and some sheep in the background. As you can see, it was a little muddy!


The town of Portee


The waterfall that we hiked to. It was basically a steep muddy path where a couple of us fell and almost lost our shoes. No one went back onto the bus without a little bit of mud on them!


The Old Man of Storr. Legend says that the faeries liked the man so much that they decided to build the rock as a monument to him. The other rock that is starting to poke up from the mountain is his wife who baked goods for the faeries.


One of the waterfalls that we were able to see. Right when we got off the bus, it decided to rain and not straight down. It was more like straight into our faces.

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This is Cuith-Raing. It inspired J.R.R. Tolkien for Lord of the Rings and one of the Star Wars movies was filmed here.


Faerie Palace. The rain let up and we were able to climb up to the top without being poured on. Still very windy though!

Sunday we said our goodbyes to Skye and the Highlands, but not before seeing Glenfinnan and Doune Castle. We also got see a bunch more snow covered mountains (very pretty, I took a lot of photos of them) and stopped at a restaurant/shopping center where I tried Cullen Skink. Cullen Skink is a soup that has smoked haddock, potatoes and onions in it and it’s very good!

WP_20150301_07_57_50_Pro  The Isle of Skye. The first picture is of our hostel and the second picture is of the view right outside the hostel.

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Some of the snowy covered mountains that we saw. These ones have a story behind them. They actually are sisters waiting for their Irishmen to come marry them. Their father asked another Irishman to bring back his brothers to marry the girls, but the Irishman never came back, so the father went to the faeries and they turned the sisters into mountains. The waterfalls/streams that can be seen are actually tears.


Glenfinnan Viaduct, also known as the viaduct from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!  


The third mountain, barely visible, is where they placed Hogwarts.


Doune Castle where Monty Python was filmed.


Inside Doune Castle


On the top of Doune Castle, overlooking the town.

All in all it was a very fun weekend and well worth it, even though it was rainy and windy most of the time. Only down side was that the roads are very curvy, so most of us got car sick and were talking motion sickness pills for the whole trip! But other than that, lots of fun!

I’ll update again on Sunday!

Until then,

Cheers from Scotland!