Not much happened this week. I did get to talk to a curator at the museum in Edinburgh. That was amazing. He told me about working at a museum and the history of the National Museum of Scotland. I’m still excited about that experience. After the talk/interview, I walked around Edinburgh a little bit, got some lunch and then headed back for my British History class. My first paper is due next week…you guys probably thought all I did was travel, but no, I actually have homework! So most of my week has been working on homework.

It did snow this week and my Scottish teacher got a little scared about it. It was a dusting, that didn’t stay very long, but the way he was talking about it, you would think there was a blizzard outside. He couldn’t figure out how some of us have driven in light snow storms and didn’t stop at the nearest hotel.

This weekend has been pretty uneventful too. On Friday, I got to go to Gilmerton Cove. Gilmerton is a small town between Dalkeith and Edinburgh and the cove is underneath the town. It consists of a bunch of tunnels and no one really knows what they were used for. A man in the 1700s found them and decided he, along with his family, was going to live in them. He said that he had built them, but archeologists said that it couldn’t have been built by him, for a number of different reasons. Mostly because they couldn’t have been built by one man. Also they believe that they were built way before the 1700s and could possibly have been used by the Knight’s Templar or Freemasons. After the tour, I went into Edinburgh with a couple of my roommates to walk around and get some food.

On Saturday, we decided to go to Crammond Island, but we didn’t plan it correctly, so we made it halfway there before we realized that the tide wasn’t going out, it was actually going in. So we quickly turned around and ran/slide back to land. It also didn’t help that it was raining and windy, so we were soaked. We then decided that we wanted food after that lovely adventure, so we got gelato and pizza. In that order. And it was amazing. At this point it was sunny and warm out, so we decided to walk around a bit, then hopped on bus back to Dalkeith where we pretty much fell asleep afterwards.

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Tide coming in rather than going out.


On our way to Crammond Island


PIZZA!  I got a margarita pizza and it was so good. Definitely recommend Zizzi in Edinburgh!

Today was homework day for just about everyone here. People are also getting back from their lovely travels, mostly in the U.K.

That’s it. Like I said before: pretty uneventful…


Jenni Elftman