Hi guys!

So this past Thursday, a teacher’s wife taught a couple of us how to give a massage as that is what she does for a living. It was pretty fun and a great way to end the school week!

The beginning of the weekend (Friday) was a class trip for my British History class. We went to the National Museum and had a scavenger hunt, then went to a old Georgian House. This house was set up like a someone from the Georgian era actually still lived there. It was pretty fun listening to all the stories of how they lived and the objects that were used. After that I walked around Edinburgh before making it back to Dalkeith. Then, at 7pm, a group of us went to our Director’s flat in the Palace and watched Red Nose Day where they raise money for people not only here in the U.K. but also in Africa. They do this by tons of different ways. Schools here will have fundraisers (dance-a-thons, bake sales, etc.) and will give the money to the Red Nose Day organization. People as do some crazy/amazing things, like swimming the English channel or running a bunch of marathons, one right after the other. The television program started with a guy who had been dancing for 24 hours and  tear jerking true stories of a young caregiver, a person with Alzheimers and a couple of kids that slept on the streets of Africa. This was then followed up by a comedy skit that had you crying from laughter. They had a skit with Daniel Craig where he said that he had a huge secret. His secret was that his real voice was not the one that you hear from the movies, it’s actually a little girl’s voice! Someone else’s voice is actually used instead of his ‘girly voice.’ 🙂 That might not sound funny, but just try to imagine Daniel Craig as 007 and shooting people, with a little girl’s voice. It was great. There was also an appearance of “No Direction” and the best way to describe them is the later years of One Direction. Emma Watson, Catherine Tate, Professor Stephen Hawking, Orlando Bloom, John Legend and Sam Smith also made an appearance. John Legend and Sam Smith sang together and it was beautiful. We also got red nose’s. They kind of look like foam red balls with faces. They’re pretty funny. In the end, Red Nose Day raised 78 billion pounds!

On Saturday, a group of us went to St Abbs Head, Tantallon Castle, and Glenkinchie Distillery. St Abbs Head was a beautiful hike up a couple of hills, that seemed more like mountains at some points, and it led to the North Sea. The water was beautiful and the sheep that we saw were a little territorial. By that I mean that when we got to close to the fence, they got a little angry. It was kind of funny. Tantallon Castle was also near the Sea, so when we got to the top of the castle we were awarded with amazing views. Glenkinchie Distillery was interesting. I learned a lot of things from it, like the barrels that they used to age the whisky actually come from the U.S. and stored Bourbon previously. They also lose a lot of whisky, it’s not stolen or anything, just lost and they call it Angel whisky because they say that the angels take it. The tour guide said that Scotland’s Angels are the whisky Angels. Apparently on a tour a while ago, an older man, after hearing about the Whiskey Angels said that he didn’t have that much time left and he was definitely coming back to Scotland to drink whisky in Angel form. The tour guide laughed at that. I then got to try a couple of types of whisky. Wasn’t my thing, so I gave it to one of my classmates. She had a couple of people give her their whisky. Even though whisky wasn’t my thing, it was definitely worth the trip to see how it was made. Afterwards my roommates and I went to Redbox. No, not the machine that gives you movies, this place is a noodle shop where you build your own dinner. I got egg noodles, broccoli, chicken, carrots, and BBQ sauce. It was good. We then went to get ice cream. Very yummy.


St. Abbs Head and the Very Blue Water


St Abbs Head


St Abbs Head


The Momma sheep that’s facing us was the one that was getting angry at us. I think that we got a little to close to her babies.


Tantallon Castle


On the top of Tantallon Castle


 On the top of Tantallon Castle


Glenkinchie Distillery. No pictures were allowed to be taken in the distillery.


After the trip, we arrived back to the Palace to this. I don’t think anyone knows why they were there, but they were cool looking.

Today was basically a homework day with a stop at what is becoming one of my room’s favorite places to eat at: Elephants & Bagels. I had a sesame bagel with pesto chicken and sundried tomatoes. I also had a shortbread cookie! Anyone traveling to the Edinburgh area, I would recommend this place for lunch! It’s a cool looking place. The walls are decorated with elephant drawings from customers and they have miniature figurine elephants everywhere. I love it.

I think that this semester has shown me that I am most definitely a ‘foodie.’ 🙂

So that’s it for this week. Hope that you guys are enjoying the warm weather!