Not much to report on this end, other than the fact that it’s Spring Break! I’m here at the house for part of break, then I travel to York for a couple of days! There are only a few of us that are here at the house right now, so it feels a little spooky!

This weekend hasn’t really been an eventful one. I did go to the beach with my host family and we played some games at an arcade there. That was pretty fun. They also took me out for lunch at a place in Leith.

On Saturday, I decided to go to Holyrood Palace and spent a couple of hours there. Holyrood Palace is the place where the Queen and the rest of the royal Family stay while they are in Edinburgh. It was really cool to see all the furniture and paintings that have been there at the Palace since the beginning of the Palace’s life. I sadly was unable to take pictures from inside the Palace, but I did get some from the outside!

(Sadly they aren’t uploading on the blog, so I’ll try again later)

Sunday, one of my other classmates who stayed here for Spring Break and I decided to walk around Edinburgh again. We saw a street performer and were able to pet an owl. It was a nice day out today, so we got to feel the sun!

Today was a homework/get ready for York day. We have a couple of essays that are due in the next coming weeks and the weekends are pretty full with trips.

That’s all for now!