So this week was my actually “I’m going somewhere” part of Spring Break and I went to York. York was beautiful and had tons of history. It still held Roman fortress in it’s borders and the city itself was protected by a wall. It was amazing just walking around and looking at the street names! I stayed at a small B&B which was very close to everything, including the train station.

I arrived on Tuesday in the late morning and decided to visit York Minster first. I’m not going to lie, my original plan did not include going to the Minster on the first day, but it was raining and very windy, so I decided why not? I’ll be inside and warm! So I bought my ticket for touring the Minster and climbing the tower, then had to run to the tower part of Minster to get to the tour that was already on it’s way up. 275 spiral and narrow steps later, I was on the top, seeing all of York, on a rainy and windy day. The man leading the tour said that the weather wasn’t even at its worse. There had been a couple of times where the rain was coming down horizontally. That made me feel a little better about the weather. After that, I joined a tour to hear about the history of York Minster and it was really interesting. I learned that they have the largest amount of original stain glass windows and that York Minster was burned a lot of times, including one were a guy said God told him to right the wrongs of the clergy and to burn down the Minster. So there are different parts of the Minster that are newer than the other parts. Thankfully, the people that built the Minster copied down all of their plans, so all the builders had to do to fix Minster was pull out the designs and get to work. After Minster, I went to the Treasurer’s House next door. It wasn’t really raining that much, but I figured I was in the area. The Treasurer’s House is a museum of what the house would have looked like in the Victorian era. The person who owned the house before he gave it to the Historical Society was a little eccentric and liked showing off history. So he had his own apartment at one end of the house, by what is known as the King’s room and all the other rooms were for showing off to guests. After that, I walked around and grabbed some food, then headed back to my nice, warm bed.

Wednesday, I had breakfast at the B&B, included in the cost, and made my way to the Museum Gardens, where a tour was to begin. This tour would show me the “essentials of York” and it did, along with telling me the history of these places. I also met a family from Wisconsin (small world!) and a lady from France. The tour guide told us about the Roman settlers, the city walls and bits and bobs from other parts in York history. Very informative. After the tour I stopped to eat, then went to the Yorkshire Museum to learn about the history of York. After that, I went on a boat tour down the River Ouse. This tour wasn’t that informative, but it was fun to go down the River and see the town from the River. It was a little chilly on Wednesday, but not too bad. It was actually one of the warmer days.

On Thursday, I decided to go to the Castle museum and climb Clifford’s Tower. The castle museum was like the Treasurer’s House except the Museum didn’t let you go into the rooms. It did let you walk an old street of York. Clifford’s Tower was across the street from the museum and use to be a storage place  for the King and Queen’s valuables. The stairs were not as bad as the Minster, but still a little scary. The view was worth it. Sadly I could not spend a lot of time up there because of the wind and my fear of being knocked off balance. At this point, I would like to say that I am not being dramatic, and it was very windy. After climbing down the tower, and also the steep stairs leading to the tower, I decided to walk the old streets of York and grab some food. Then go back to the B&B.

Friday was leaving day, and I spent most of the day in a museum. I was going to tour the chocolate factory, but a bunch of children were touring it, and the next possible tour for me was later in the day. So I went to the Railway Museum and read a book in it until my train was due to arrive. I then hopped on it and rode back to Edinburgh, making it back to the house by 10pm.

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing with two of my roommates and the tv downstairs. On Sunday I went to a football game (Scotland v Gibraltar : 6 to 1) with my host dad and one of my classmates. It was in Glasgow and it was cold, rainy, and of course windy. So normal Scotland weather. It was fun and a great experience to have.

Sunday was also the day where everyone was suppose to get back, but airlines delayed flights due to the weather. So hopefully everyone makes it back in time for our 6hr class! 😉

That’s all for now!