Starting off Easter weekend, I went to Hogwarts! Or where they filmed the first two Harry Potters, but same thing! It also is the place where they filmed the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, but I was more interesting in it for the Harry Potter films. The castle’s name is Alnwick Castle and it is about two hours away from Dalkeith. The castle is still lived in by the Duke of Northumblerland and his family, but only during the winter months. The castle also has a beautiful garden on it’s grounds. This garden has a poison garden that can be toured and it was really interesting. I also got to fly on a broom and learn about the different films that were filmed there. We then took a picture at the Scotland border on our way back.


Alnwick Castle. The road where everyone is walking is the place where Harry, Ron and Hermione walked down to go to Hagrid’s Hut. It is also the road where the cars from Downton Abbey drove on.


Inside Alnwick Castle. The door way is where Neville flew through and then up, over the castle and got hooked on a statue on the top. The statue was placed their by the film crew and has been taken down.


Fountain in the Gardens at Alnwick


The ducks were very friendly


Scotland border

Saturday, we went to Roslin Chapel. It appears in the Da Vinci Code and it still has a spot above a door where the film crew painted a symbol there. We met a cat there named William after the builder of Roslin. The architecture in this place was amazing, but we couldn’t take pictures inside. I then walked the grounds for over two hours and saw several deer running around.


Outside Roslin Chapel


Outside Roslin Chapel

Sunday was Easter, and it was so nice outside. I believe the high was 73 degrees. We took advantage of that by going on another walk, playing kickball having an egg toss, and just laying outside in the sun. We took our blankets off our beds that were used to keep us warm just days before and used them as a cushion between the grass/gravel to do our homework/relax outside. The egg toss was hilarious because the eggs wouldn’t break! There were eggs that hit the ground several times and were still able to be picked up and tossed. The winning team threw down the egg and it bounced, they actually had to jump on it to break it. No one got hit in the face, but a couple of people had to change their clothes because the egg hit them. The park was full on Sunday. There were families all over the grounds, cooking and playing. It was a lot of fun and I believe that most of the house, including faculty, came out to relax outside.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!