So these past two weeks have been preparing for finals (essays galore!) and then finals week, but the weekends were pretty fun!

From April 22nd to the 26th, I was in Ireland and basically travelled all over. I went with two of my roommates and we stayed in Dublin at a hostel there, which was an experience! We got there at around 10:30 pm and had to go through customs. The customs guy was very nice and Dublin airport was very easy to get around. Then again, it was late at night, so that might be why. We were able to find a taxi very quickly and the taxi took us into Dublin and where he thought was our hostel. Turns out it wasn’t, but it did have the same name, so we got out, paid him and the taxi took off. The hostel told us we were at the wrong one, then proceeded to tell us how to get to our actual hostel. It was a half hour walk and we saw a lot of homeless people on our walk.

When we finally got to the hostel, we had another problem. The hostel that we were staying at (Times Hostel-Camden Place) wanted to split the three of us up. This caused a lot of arguing, with us saying that we weren’t going to get split up and them saying that we probably would have to. We finally got our way and they showed us to our room. We were in a mixed dorm room and the other people were already in there. Two of them were sleeping and one was watching a movie (thankfully with headphones). One of the sleeping guys was snoring and very loudly at that. So we didn’t get much sleep that night. The next day we walked to the Paddywagon hostel and went on our first trip: the Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs of Moher were beautiful and our tour guide was amazing! When we got back, we walked around Dublin to get some souvenirs and then headed back to our hostel. The snoring guy wasn’t as bad that night, or maybe we were just really tired. Either way, we got a lot of sleep that night.

The second day, we went to Galway and Cong. Galway was beautiful! I don’t think I could live there, but one of my favorite places in Ireland. It was raining that day, but the bus was comfy. I did get motion sickness on this trip, but not bad. When we went back to the hostel we found out that two of the guys had left and were replaced by two others. The girl that came it was fine that night, but the guy that came in…made the snoring guy from before look like an angel! He came in drunk and sounded like he was dying when he snored. It was really loud, like put in headphones, listen to heavy metal, and still be able to here him. At around 1 am, we finally said enough was enough (after kicking his bed, making loud noises and shining lights at him) and we decided to go down to the front desk and see if they could help us. They basically told us to draw on his face and then wake him up. We decided to do the waking up part and when we did, he mumbled something about numbers and sandwiches, then went back to bed. Thankfully, he wasn’t as loud so the rest of us were able to get some sleep.

On the third day we went to Giant’s Causeway and Belfast. Giant’s Causeway was very lovely and it was fun to climb the rocks. We spent a lot of time here and it was a wonderful day. A little cold, but not too bad, so we spent a lot of time outside. After that we went to Belfast…I wasn’t a big fan of it. It was too industrialized. Same with Dublin. The countryside was a lot better. When we went back to the hostel, the guy was thankfully not that loud that night, but the girl decided to play the same song over and over again, which we could hear through her headphones.

On the fourth and last day of our Ireland trip, I went on a tour of Dublin which was pretty good for a free tour. It was about to rain though, so the tour was cut short.We arrived back in Edinburgh and I decided to get a head start on my five essays. Discovered that coffee was amazing and that the house gets cold at 3 am in the morning. Also, the house is creepy at that time.

So the past week was full of essays and turning in essays. I basically lived in the library for the past week. And lived on coffee.

This past weekend was a relaxing weekend. On Thursday, half of our classes were cancelled and we spent the day cleaning up the estate. We pulled vines of the walls and picked up garbage. The vines had grown into the walls in a lot of the areas, so sometimes we would pull a little to hard and find ourselves on the ground, with the vines on top of us. It actually felt pretty good pulling them. After spending close to 3 hours pulling vines, we finished the night off with the Beltane festival. This festival is a Celtic festival welcoming spring. I didn’t really understand most of it and even after asking someone there, along with researching the festival, I only understand half of it. It was, what only can be described as, interesting experience. Some of the parts of the festival were very fun, but there were mostly naked people going around and one of them did scream in my face. We thought that we would be exempt from this, considering they were leaving, but one narrowed in us and decided to come up to us and scream in our faces. So that was interesting.

On Saturday, one of my roommates and I went into Edinburgh and walked around. We also went to the Avengers: Age of Ultron and to a little restaurant called Wings. They have Ranch and very good food.

On Sunday, a couple of us helped out with the Color Run that was held on the estate. We got to throw colors at the runners/walkers. I was at the yellow station, so I was covered with yellow, along with some pink.

This week is the last week of the program. So we have been cleaning the house and getting ready to leave. A couple of us are staying after for a while. I have decided to go to London again. So I will update one more time after this post.

Until then,