Dalkeith House, Dalkeith, Scotland. (Photograph By Connor Reppuhn)

The second week of class has been completed and I can already feel the shift of momentum that everyone warned me about – they said this time will fly by before you know it.

The first week was fantastic; after adjusting from the jet-lag, I started making connections throughout the house, throughout the city of Dalkeith, and started making my way about Edinburgh. That is also how long it took to figure out the basic layout of the castle, (around 7 days). I began my adventure with my roommate of the previous semester at LSSU and I am very grateful for him. Although I have had no trouble making friends, it was definitely reassuring to know a familiar face. We branched out to other rooms nearby and to our surprise, we made friends almost right away! We soon found out that the majority of the program students are very easy to get along with because we all have similarities between us: we’re all worried about a new country, we fear being homesick, we have to manage our money on our own, etc. All of the students are in it together, and the Dalkeith House makes it feel like a real home.

Beyond our new house, my roommate and I have begun to make new connections in the city. We met a bartender at the Buccleauch, a cashier at Morrison’s, and we have also participated in the Dalkeith Rugby Club to befriendĀ the guys over there. Even though the coursework has a heavy load, the class times are short; with time well managed, I was able to get out and actually experience Scotland. About two and a half weeks in to this trip, and I have already accomplished the following:

  • Hike Arthur’s Seat
  • Play Rugby
  • Drink a beer because it is legal
  • Visit St. Andrew’s Castle and Cathedral
  • Attend Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh

There is so much to do and so little time to do everything. My friends and I plan to travel to Alicante, Spain next Friday for our extended weekend. I’ll catch up with you soon!