(Photo taken by Connor Reppuhn)

There is so much to do in so little time. With only eight weeks left, I find myself attempting to stay busy as much as possible. Recently, I have found that most of us are so accustomed to living in Dalkeith that we result to our normal routines when we are not in class: playing games, watching Netflix, reading a book, etc. I have motivated myself to break these habits; these are things I know I can do back home, and I want explore and create memories as much as possible.

My first attempt at motivating others to join me happened on a Monday night. About half of the students in Dalkeith House do not have a morning class on Tuesday, so they allow themselves to stay up a little later on Monday. Keeping that in mind, I drafted a thought: my bet was that everyone would be watching a movie or Netflix on their laptop from after dinner until they went to bed. What if, instead, we played a game?

I asked a small group of friends to play a makeshift game of charades with me rather than sit in our rooms as we do most nights. Most of my friends did not find this idea very intriguing because they were, as I guessed, on their laptops. So I drafted another idea: my bet was that people will result to their routine of Netflix and movies if they are not asked to do something else. I decided to knock on every door of Dalkeith House that had students in it to invite them to play the makeshift game of charades. Out of 32 people in their rooms, 20 of them were on their laptops. I proposed the idea, and 17 people showed up to play. My third bet would be that if you asked any one of them, they had a blast playing charades.

That idea was only the beginning. Since then, I have noticed more people going out on their own or in small groups to explore and adventure. My friends and I decided to travel down a path we often see during our spare time. To our surprise, we were able to find a trail of flowers, climb a tree, and end up on the other side of Dalkeith all in one short adventure.



(Photos by Connor Reppuhn)

My motives of rekindling the passion for adventure was inspired by a project in my Intercultural Communications class. We were assigned to walk alone in Edinburgh in order to explore, wander, and collect thoughts about our observations and inspirations. Every student had the same assignment, but no two walks were the same. Some people made friends with strangers. Some people found their new favorite scenery. Some people said that they found themselves – and that is most important. Walking around the city in a group, with your cell phone, is comfortable. Too comfortable. How can I find myself and how can I discover what I am capable of if I am always using training wheels? Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.

Next week I will begin my adventure of travelling alone to Dublin, Oslo, and London as a part of my Spring Break; I hope to return on only two wheels.